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Shakespeare’s Dead Exhibit

A major exhibition to mark the 400th year since Shakespeare’s death (May 3, 1616) opens in the Weston Library, Oxford and is proving popular with the city’s tourists and locals alike. The Shakespeare exhibition at the Weston gets to the beating heart of the author with important texts displayed chronologically.  Arguably the most important is the […]
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  It’s just as well the visitor is thrust into the mix as I had lost my muse, couldn’t get my hands on the keyboard and the white page had been staring me back in the face for a while.  I wandered through woods of Headington Hill, a part of Oxford Brookes University campus, looking […]
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New year new semester

Watching the students return to their halls after holidays to start the new semester is engaging.  Their bags full of fresh binders and heads brimming with renewed commitment makes me want to jump on in and learn something new so I check out my options. http://descenttheatre.co.uk/2013/12/18/playella-fresher-juice-by-lita-doolan/ The online courses google suggests are inspiring and lots […]
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