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Colour of Oxford Castle

  It was a blissful and rare sunny day after one long grey Winter as I walked past Oxford Castle and the brick work popped.     The old castle was built by the Saxons with a simple mound and tower to protect boundaries of a new settlement called “Oxenaford”  1000 years ago.  We are now a booming student city but just […]
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St Edmund and the Wolf

When the Danes invaded England around 800 AD the Saxon King Edmund fought to maintain the fort at Bury (in the East of England) and alas he ended up slashed by a Viking sword. His head was said to be found in a nearby woodland and was fiercely guarded by a wolf. Saxon soldiers battled the […]
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Free Traffic

Due to a delayed flight I spent an unexpected overnight stop in pitch darkness at Palermo.  I was not alone, the route to the city was jammed.       There was plenty of time to take photos.  Looking at them now it feels like I visited two different places though my heart sees one. […]
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