It’s behind you!


Walking back from the last panto of the season makes the dust from the magic wand that is still clinging to the shiny handle seem all the more precious.  On the wonderful Oxford Playhouse stage the rip roaring ‘Robin Hood’ came to town in true style and lifted our horizons.  Imagination soars during pantomime so that archery competitions, kidnap attempts and thrilling rescue bids can all play out under one Proscenium Arch.

The new music composed for this adventure is a welcome ear worm that will not go away but perhaps the most melodic is the children’s screams and laughter as they followed their heroes on stage (and around the auditorium).  It’s great to see the faces of the next generation of theatre goers and wonder where they will take theatre when they grow up.

4 thoughts on “It’s behind you!

    • I love the innocence children bring to watching theatre. It makes everything new again. Their belief in the world on stage is so complete and inspiring. Panto is very silly but I do love the glitter! Thanks so much for reading about this Xmas tradition! 🙂


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