blackberry is a gooseberry

My neighbour has a holiday cottage full of the outdoors type.  They are frequently lost on our winding roads but I hear them coming up the lane from random chatter on their mobile phones.  Right now I have my window open. to catch what drifts in on the breeze.

photo 2

I’m walking my way to work as we speak. Hope you are proud. I’m videoconferencing you from my Blackberry.  Oliver, did you get better after?  Did those bites heal?  Can’t wait to meet up.  Bye.

OK so where are we staying?

Anywhere as long as it’s got a bar.

Reunion at Pete’s Friday 14th.

You know this city doesn’t do cheap and cheerful don’t you?

Do we need to book something up then?

Hey there is a caravan site near a river that lets you pitch tents.  Don’t know how back to nature you all want to get?  May be you had enough of camping and Tony’s snores!  Bloody Blackberry can’t hit delete.

Well as long as it has a bar.

Hey guys you know it’s London prices here though.

You get the gold stars for organising it Blackberry dude.

If it stays fine you really will have a great time camping.  Am I reaching Tracey and Tom?  Does anyone have a new email for them?  I leave messages but no one is replying.  Hello!

I won’t be coming as my sister needs me to put up a shelf in her new flat.  Or something like that.

OK well have a good move.

This place, it has a bar right?

Um.  It’s a field?

This is confusing and it’s this weekend right? Don’t we have to book accommodation?

Looked at the map it’s about two hours driving for me from my sister’s.  I would need to know exactly where I can park and if this is near where you are meeting up.  Send me a message to the Blackberry.  It’s BBM.

Yes OK but it’s a field Tony!

Now I’m totally confused.  So what is happening?

Me too.

You guys!  You drain me of all my mental energy and positive vibes.  I can’t organise you.  I’m visiting my niece anyway that weekend, I’ll be in the area if you want to meet up.

I break up from Uni that day too!

Man all we need is a bar!

Phew! Did we finally manage to shake the Blackberry?

Strike.  The man’s offline.  Delete.

Just us?

And that nosey old girl with the open window.

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24 thoughts on “blackberry is a gooseberry

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  2. I often ‘overhear’ when I’m around English speakers. Living in a country where the local language is different allows you to tune out until you are somewhere else. Then I’m constantly intrigued.


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  13. I travel on a commuter bus each day, so I’m kind of forced to listen to some people’s conversations (when I forget my earbuds.) It amazes me how some people have no problem talking about all their personal business for the whole bus to hear. Sometimes I get the urge to say to put my two-cents in and offer my opinion. But that would be rude…right?

    Funny post.


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