I am honoured to accept ‘Field of Flowers’


With grey skies solidly standing above the South England for weeks upon end these flowers are received with much joy.

Beautiful blogs that I have enjoyed from my Reader have lifted spirits upwards from the boggy earth the floods are creating.  Reading them takes the mind off the fact that some people are watching water just wash their houses away near the South Coast line.

The wonderful images have enjoyed are largely from Cee Neuner’s photograph challenges.  I hope visual stimulus allows me to take part in one of these events as I love the work on display so much.

Cee Neuner has a most excellent blog with dramatic images to enjoy and I feel glad she has set this ‘Field of Flowers’ award in motion.


I was lucky enough to be nominated for this by the talented writer and memoirist Irene A Waters.  Her work inspires me hugely and her clear form of expression is perhaps one of the reasons her blog is so popular.  Her words take me on a journey equal to the dramatic photographs she posts (the landscapes amaze).


All awards come with conditions with which to comply.


▪Thank the blogger who nominated you

▪Place the award on your blog

▪Nominate 7 other bloggers and write a little something about why you would give these bloggers

A Field Of Flowers

▪Let your nominees know that you nominated them

Here are my 7 nominees.


Cindi’s career has taken her to places I only dream of going.  Her ability to convey modern history that she has in some cases experienced first hand is priceless and accessible.


Zainab has written two imaginative story books for young children that look exciting.  She shares stories and reflections about her family life that are warm, witty and insightful.


The writing here I find life affirming and full of joy.  The posts are fun to read but educate on specific health topics.  I have changed my perspective after reading several of these articles.


Jeny’s life on the Ranch is shared beautifully through words and pictures. The sights and sounds of distant places become part of your own story.


This site of Mama Bear makes me feel lighter on each visit.  The suggestions of aromatherapy blends that may lift the spirits are priceless.  There is always something new to discover here.


Gisela’s blog mixes poetry, stories and music.  The enthusiasm she expresses for the topics she writes about is infectious and energising.


The questions asked by this blog are challenging and inspiring.  ‘I’m waiting for the right opportunity to change’ is a provoking post but perhaps a better puzzle to end on is ‘Why the hell are you a writer?’

If  you enjoy clicking on the above blogs even half as much as I do you will be thrilled!

19 thoughts on “I am honoured to accept ‘Field of Flowers’

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    • Good golly gosh. I am so humbled by the write up. I am tickled pink and treasure this. I have just had the best time revisiting my memories of Holland on your eloquent travel posts. Your site thoroughly deserves much recognition. I love what you wrote and agree wholeheartedly. Great perspective. I already discovered some fascinating blogs to follow in your community. Three cheers for the blogsphere brightening our day! 🙂


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