too regal to reach fifty



Costume’s cut.


It’s being boned.  Put this corset on.


You want to strangle me now?


South London chokes me too.  We’re moving out after the show.  You’ll visit?


Not in this bodice.


It’s period!


Director’s changed it.  He’s doing ‘Marie Antoinette’ post-modern.


Quick. Take it off or it’s me for the chop.




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50 thoughts on “too regal to reach fifty

  1. Pingback: Cinquante / Fifty | Leeloo Rocks

      • Yes, I really like this challenge. I am always looking to practice saying less but meaning more. This was a great exercise. Honestly, I read a lot of entries, curious how others took the direction. Yours was at the top. So good.


      • That’s high praise as there is such a lot of quality! Thanks Carrie.

        It’s been great to see how writers tackle this. Agree with you, I always like to figure out how to use less words. Such a skill!

        I’m having a great time exploring your site and enjoying the rich imagery in your poetry.


    • Definitely! Corsets you either love or hate I think. They definitely look great but no one has hips that tiny now! I loved reading about the traditional Cascarones for fiesta on your site. You make such beautiful crafts by hand. I know if you are the costumier you would do the most amazing corset!


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  3. Pingback: First Bite at the Cherry: Weekly Writing Challenge | ALIEN AURA'S BLOG: IT'LL BLOW YOUR MIND!

  4. Pingback: Weekly challenge: Fifty | Speaking Voiceless

    • Hello Shakti!

      You must be a dramaturg to raise this great point! I’m plumping for next instalment. So watch this space!

      I just visited your fascinating site Shakti. Full of inspirational posts. I am exploring your work today! Excited.



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  6. Excellent response, dear Lita. I didn’t even attempt this one. Good for you!

    Hope your week is going well. We just got back from the beach. I’m trying to sneak in a visit with you before my workshop gets going. Sorry to be so rushed.

    Hugs from Ecuador,


    • Super to hear from you Kathy! As always.

      I can’t wait to hear more about your workshop and how it goes and enjoying second hand some of the gems you find as a group. I am a big fan of your posts and as I am a recent arrival to WP luckily I can enjoy anew the work you have archived. Super blog. Your bring Ecuador and good literature to my front door!

      I am sending all good wishes for a great workshop. I wish I was near Cuenca just now! Have a great time of it.




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    • 😀 Thank you so much Liana! It was inspired by a moment in a costume shop that made me smile!

      Hope all is well. More power to your blog.

      Now I know I’m lighting up April when I wear an extra piece of blue.


      • 🙂 Thanks Lita! Off to feeding therapy today, almost done after 6 years! Somehow I think I will miss therapy. Our occupational therapist is like extended family after all these years… Hope you have a great day! I’ll be thinking of you and all the others who are advocating for autism this April!


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