Around the Mound


Overheard from a window opening onto Edinburgh Fringe…

Debbie did something amazing yesterday and the pain went away.  We be both cried.
-How are you feeling?
-I feel like I want to tell you all my problems
-After you said what you did by trade
I am not a practicing therapist though
-Who are you going to heal tomorrow?
My Dad is the head of the family so probably him.
-I haven’t met him yet
No. We still have time  He drinks bullet proof coffee.




Striking a set and losing a bracelet…

It’s gone.
-No we just can’t find it.
I have to go and catch a bus I’m late already.
-Why don’t I ask if its been handed in?
It’s already gone. Some one has taken it snatched it from under our nose.
-But no one has been in we haven’t left the building there’s only us.
So it must be you. The stretchy bangles gone.
-Don’t lay it at my door. I was out looking for a producer.
I put it there. On top of The Scotsman review.
-It’s not worth much. We only got four stars.
It’s solid silver.
-It’s only baby steps but this show needs a transfer. For that we need investment.
-The bracelet belonged to my Auntie.
-So an Aunt you didn’t like gave you a bangle. Does she produce shows?
She’s dead.
It was sentimental. Like our show.


Queuing for tickets for the show…

Green juices are nice.
What did you go for?
You live and learn

Find out more about historical plays taking the stage in Britain here

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8 thoughts on “Around the Mound

  1. Interesting take on the challenge, Lita. I have to admit that accidental eavesdropping isn’t the same where I live now, since I don’t understand a lot of the language that I hear when I’m out and about! But if we’re sitting somewhere and I hear English …. it seems almost too invasive.

    The older I get, I think I’m becoming more physically introverted …. yet online, I’m more socially extroverted than I’ve been before.


  2. I can relate to this. I spent a few days away up in Scotland this week and the Fringe Theatre festival is in full swing and looking around at the exuberant hardy festival goers made me feel so introvert! Online there is a bigger sense of truth I think because there are less barriers to being ourselves, in my opinion. Internet is such a great way to chat with super people too!


    • Good call Naziyah! It was superb to watch Glasgow look so buzzing during the Commonwealth Games. So thrilling!

      Congratulations on ‘Olympus is Falling’ being selected for deserved recognition! Great to hear of your success. Thrilled for you!


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