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Success with Scrivener

  I visited a number of gardens this year that touched my soul and I wanted to collect the stories in a small book people could download. Hey Presto – having put together a draft that looked good I searched for the big button that would instantly upload it to the web. That was 2 […]
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Dilston Physic Garden Daylight

  This post is inspired by “Nighthawks” where a silence creates a form of communication between distinct individuals who have their own culture but come together to create a new language. Plants with medicinal properties were grown at Dilston Hall that stood near this site on the River Tyne in medieval times. In the early 16th […]
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A Song for Garden Lovers to the tune of ‘Vogue’   “Oxford, Edinburgh, London Too Buckfast Abbey we love you! Gardens with an attitude, Fountains that were in the mood Don’t put heels on, let’s jump to it Wear a brogue brogue brogue!”     In addition to communities who support Physic Gardens through the ages, […]
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