Dilston Physic Garden Daylight


This post is inspired by “Nighthawks” where a silence creates a form of communication between distinct individuals who have their own culture but come together to create a new language.

Plants with medicinal properties were grown at Dilston Hall that stood near this site on the River Tyne in medieval times. In the early 16th century Anne Cartington, the heiress to the Hall, fought to ensure the future of the garden by finding a suitable marriage to Edward Radcliffe. It depended on the future prosperity of the Radcliffe family she married into whether the garden would have longevity. The Radcliffes later built outwards and expanded the Hall but the original walled Physic Garden in its grounds does not survive today. Future generations of the Northumbrian Radcliffes fell in and out of favour with the British Monarchy and the garden fell into disrepair. Thankfully a garden close to Devil’s water, on the River Tyne, near to the original Dilston Hall that Anne loved so much survives. The owner Elaine Perry deserves recognition for the inspiration the garden offers today. Dilston Physic Garden is a significant Physic Garden with a living library of 600 plant species.




The garden has a dual purpose in that it houses both medicinal plants and species used in alternative therapies. Different cultures that are known for embracing natural health remedies are celebrated in different zones marked out with specific planting styles. A tall over-arching Japanese Tori Gate acts like an anchor to the eyes, guiding the spirit around the spaces of the garden. A Buddhist statue sits boldly in the centre. The site is split onto two levels, one with a small orchard and a playful croquet lawn.



Individual cultures are valued here and this is how I feel leaving; acceptance is the best medicine. It dawns on me as I tread my own path with the bunting flying high. I experience well-being with a playful game of croquet and a bare foot walk on a tranquil camomile lawn.



No interruptions exist as I sit here undisturbed and natural fruit tea prepared from the species growing close to me is warmed through in jugs by sunlight.


The empty space between each of the exhibits is open and everyone feels free to spend their time here as they wish.


No interruptions exist as I sit there undisturbed there is natural fruit tea prepared from the species growing here and warmed through in jugs by sunlight.  The presence of the camomile lawn is all embracing and thought provoking making daydreams free to just be. Time spent in the garden creates a feeling of abundance and a sense of expansion.


The space is guarded by two stone serene Buddhas either side and the time spent here could not feel any more special. For me this is reflected in the well loved camomile lawn that does so much service to a weary traveller. Fennel, sage and thyme scent the air.





I walk through the fields towards the railway station. The village close by is Corbridge and this has a wealth of history due to its proximity to Hadrian’s wall and the Scottish Border. The tourist information office found in Corbridge Library offers a superb service to allow you to make the most of the area. Walkers frequent the small central square surrounded by boutique shops.


There is much to enjoy and experience and embrace but you cannot be prepared for what is here, it is open to your own interpretation.  I take home the space between the different cultures that remain independent but connect in a powerful sense.



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38 thoughts on “Dilston Physic Garden Daylight

    • Heartfelt thanks for these links! I have to say I remember in a post a while back that you mentioned you lived near the Dilston Physic Garden so I was looking forward to sharing notes. It is so blissful and my favourite garden by a mile. The walk back to Corbridge could not be any more prettier. It’s lovely to share this. Thank you for the links, it’s great to spend longer enjoying the moment. I would like to say I would go back again but it was a bit of a trek to travel there but worth it, Northumberland is very special. Thank you again.

      I am looking forward to reading your Golf book. There will be some ideas for me to visit some areas of outstanding beauty, especially as I have only been to the Northumberland area once.

      Liked by 1 person

      • A pleasure Lita – I knew I had mentioned the Physic Garden to someone but wasn’t sure who. My better half is into these things more than me – she is organising a Mind Body Spirit event in Hexham this weekend. I remain a daft noisy ‘teenager’ :-). If you want a copy of my book just order at http://www.golfinthewild.co.uk and I will refund the postage with an enclosed cheque. All the best, Robin


      • It looks beautiful! I definitely don’t need a refund. I find that we value what we pay for! The event in Hexham sounds superb. I wish I lived nearer Northumbria for all that History. When I went to the Tourist Information at Corbridge I was overwhelmed with the Guide. I had no idea how many significant things had happened just in Corbridge let alone further afield! It would be awesome to do Mind Body Spirit work near there. If your partner has an email list or website let me know as maybe one day I would be there when she does an event!

        I have always wanted to find more about golf (as my Uncle talks only about golf!!) and I think your book will be great. Maybe it will inspire me to have a go too as we have a small (but not very pretty!) golf course here.


    • Great to hear from you! To be honest I had read bout them but until I saw it I didn’t really ‘get’ it. There was a note nearby saying watch out as you can feel sleepy afterwards and maybe half an hour was quite a while to be sitting there but they were right! I slept SO well that night. If I had the ability I would try and grow a camomile lawn but I’m guessing they need a bit of upkeep.

      I’m enjoying your blog and am nodding in agreement with your halloween post! Here’s to a great Autumn.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I’ve had camomile tea…sitting in the lawn would have been equally soothing experience.
    Fruit tea is quite new to me and it being prepared in sunlight sounds interesting. How was it, Lita just curious.
    Thanks for sharing your experience, Lita.


    • It felt connected, drinking tea made from the leaves that grew around the garden and sun is always a bonus! There is something special about natural tea, I share your taste for camomile tea too.

      I had a great time reading your 3 O’Clock Massacre at Phillies. Brilliant narrative!


      • Any flavour of natural tea is good, I think they all do one thing – soothes ones mind and body. I also like mint tea, its great for summers.
        Thanks for reading my blog post.


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  3. Such an unique reply to the prompt –never expected one to reflect the central theme through other various methods. Your pictures are stunning, too. The overall emphasis on nature is absolutely lovely. 🙂


    • Hearty thanks! I just had a great morning enjoying your blog. The reflection on Mitch Albom’s book is so moving and your flash fiction is super stylish. The nature that I enjoyed in Dilston will always stay with me, I’m glad some of the magic is caught by the pictures and you like them too. Happy days!


  4. Your description of the garden, and the peacefulness of it. It took me back to an arboretum that I use to spend a lot of time at. You were able to capture a picture of the place not only with your pictures but also with your words. I loved how you ended your piece, “I take home the space between the different cultures that remain independent but connect in a powerful sense.” I long to live near a garden again because that is a place where I too feel no interruptions exist, and a place where powerful connections and creative thoughts flow for me. Thank you for writing and sharing this.


    • That’s so kind of you to share this! Thank you for this beautiful comment. I hope I get to visit an arboretum one day, you have inspired me. I am really touched by your feedback and thrilled that the joy of this garden came through. I am nodding in agreement with you, it would be ace to live close by a super garden! Dilston is 8 hours in the train for me.

      I love the story you wrote recently, you have a great eye for detail and your narrative reaches out to the reader instantly. I’m looking forward to reading more of your work.


    • Thank you so much! I have to say the quality of natural light was terrific. The second to last shot there had so much sun on it, it looked like a blaze. I am glad you liked it. I enjoyed your topical post on the forthcoming festivities so much. The use of light in celebrations and decorations is insightful.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh I am flattered and delighted. We’ve just moved back into our house after the renovation and that was one of the first things I cooked. Not totally settled get or free of Builders but getting there and hoping to have a bit more time for everything else soon.


      • That’s great you are back in your house! So exciting to have renovations in time for Christmas! Sounds like the builders will only be around for a short while now. I bet the home made soup taste so nice to be eaten at home!

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Love that “I take home the space…” What a lovely place and your description is exquisite. Would love to wander around there. The Royal Family should be supporters I’d think since they’re supposed to be into homeopathy. Anyway, beautiful Lita, again! More places for my to go list, except my to do/to blog list is longer!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello Sandra. Lovely to hear from you. I got another burst of forest calm from your wonderful meditative post that you blogged recently. I love the look of your site. The quotes, particularly the Cheryl Richardson one struck a chord. I will revisit to pick up more wisdom along the way.

      Thank you for your beautiful comment. I think Prince Charles is a supporter of wildlife but I know that Dilston Physic Garden do much of the work themselves. What stars to achieve such a garden with a small team. It reminds of what is possible when you have a purpose. I appreciate your insight very much.


  6. The sky in the first three photographs looks outstandingly gorgeous. The blueness and the fluffy clouds! And then the whole garden so lush and calming. What a great place to visit. Thank you for sharing this whole walk with us too Lita. Loved taking this virtual trip with you. 🙂

    Hope you are having a great weekend ❤


    • It’s an awesome place. I hope to go back. The stillness stays with me. I’m glad some of that came over in the words. It’s lovely to read your comment.

      I enjoyed your recent blog about identity so much. Great twist!


  7. Great info! A garden full of medicinal plants sounds intriguing! Loved the description of the plants, brings to mind the different scents and colours.
    Thanks for sharing this post! Wishing you happy holidays! 😃


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