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Oxford Literary Festival turns 20

Oxford’s Literary Festival began 20 years ago and has been housed in many different locations.  Inspired by the poetry that is soon to dance upon the stage of the Festival  (April 2nd) I stand with a coffee and watch as the tents are put up in the Old Schools Quadrangle.   The workmen look to be making the most of a break in the […]
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Dilston Physic Garden Daylight

  This post is inspired by “Nighthawks” where a silence creates a form of communication between distinct individuals who have their own culture but come together to create a new language. Plants with medicinal properties were grown at Dilston Hall that stood near this site on the River Tyne in medieval times. In the early 16th […]
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Sorrento SOS

  That lost tourist on a Naples Street is me. Porto Molo Beverello is ahead not behind me. My left right zigzag hit a dead end because I cropped the pop out map, now swapped for Espresso and invasion stories crafted by cafe owners.  Here I find a new friend; true Napoli.   Enjoy more 50 word stories […]
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