Sorrento SOS

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That lost tourist on a Naples Street is me. Porto Molo Beverello is ahead not behind me. My left right zigzag hit a dead end because I cropped the pop out map, now swapped for Espresso and invasion stories crafted by cafe owners.  Here I find a new friend; true Napoli.



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3 thoughts on “Sorrento SOS

    • Naples is for you then!!! I saw a lot of it because I got horribly lost lol!! Looking back I’m glad this happened ;-D I hadn’t realised quite how long that coastline stretches!

      I loved your recent post reflecting on the context of fear in our society. It crops up quite unexpectedly sometimes! Hope you have a lovely weekend.


      • I could get lost for hours looking for them all till sundown before I decide to to back to the hotel lol 🙂

        Thank you! happy you enjoyed my post 🙂


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