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Barmouth Tides

Barmouth is a coastal town in Wales. The sands dune down to the sea and a succession of plants through time have colonised the salty land. My first school field trip measured the number of wriggling Nereis worms we found in each of the quadrat metal squares we flung one by one into the air. […]
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Dynwens Last Symphony – the past is cast

    This photo was taken near a well and reminds me of the region of Wales where Saint Dynwen’s story began.   Tomorrow is the patron saint of Love’s day of celebration.  This celtic Saint has her own island devoted to her near Anglesey in Wales where floral tributes are left.   My new […]
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Cowbridge garden

  Speaking English at school was probably a good plan in the long run but native language does mark a difference between who I am now and who I was when I stopped speaking Welsh as a child.   There was a Welsh speaking school near Cowbridge, which was too far for me to travel to […]
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