Dynwens Last Symphony – the past is cast

The old wall attracts tributes to a Saint

The old wall attracts tributes to a Saint



This photo was taken near a well and reminds me of the region of Wales where Saint Dynwen’s story began.


Tomorrow is the patron saint of Love’s day of celebration.  This celtic Saint has her own island devoted to her near Anglesey in Wales where floral tributes are left.


My new play ‘Dynwen’s Last Symphony’ tells the story of the Saint through the eyes of a Sculptor and is part of the 5 minute Festival at LOST Theatre on February 5th 7.30pm.  It would be lovely to see you if you are close to South London that night.  Luckily our work also will be filmed so it will be easy to share the experience with you.


I imagined what would happen if Dynwen’s own brand of inspiration came to a struggling Artist.  I set this around the work of a sculptor I admire, Hans Josephson who I reviewed on this blog last year.  This provided a snapshot for the first draft of a short play I blogged about here on New Years day.


The story is told through the eyes of sculptor Hans Josephson who is struggling to finish a statue.  His inspiration arrives in a suprising manner and nothing will be the same again after he reveals a part of his past to get the help from a novice nun, Lou, who provides the missing part of the jigsaw.


We have had a blast rehearsing the play in interesting spaces around London such as a Shipwrights Yard, modern sculpture park and an old bookshop theatre.  The fine cast are Eleanor Dillon Reams and Rob Peacock both pictured below in action.

Eleanor Dillon Reams in rehearsal

Eleanor Dillon Reams in rehearsal

Rob Peacock in rehearsal

Rob Peacock in rehearsal


It is such a privilege to work with these two fine actors and I thought I would share a little of their past.



Rob Peacock plays Hans Josephson in 'Dynwen's Last Symphony'

Rob Peacock plays Hans Josephson in ‘Dynwen’s Last Symphony’



Rob Peacock is a recent BA acting graduate from East 15 Acting school. Originally from Abergavenny in South Wales, Rob now lives and works in London.


Eleanor Dillon Reams plays Lou in 'Dynwen's Last Symphony'

Eleanor Dillon Reams plays Lou in ‘Dynwen’s Last Symphony’


Eleanor graduated from East 15 in 2012 with a first class degree. During her training she was nominated for the BBC Radio Carlton Hobbs Award, and worked with Lucy Bailey and Punchdrunk choreographer Maxine Doyle on Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre’s production of The Beggar’s Opera. Last year she toured the one woman show ‘Betsy; Wisdom of a Brighton Whore‘ around the South culminating in a full run at the Brighton Fringe to all five star reviews. She is currently collaborating with movement director Jude Evans on a physical theatre adaptation of Wuthering Heights.


Whilst these photographs capture our work right now, I feel certain these actors are the ones to watch for in the future.


For anyone involved in creating new work this play is for you!


Wishing you a beautiful St Dynwen’s Day on Sunday 25th January and always.  However you celebrate love in your life you can enjoy this vibrant flower today along with a vivid reflection from the popular and inspiring blogger Maverick Mist.  I trust that the flow is always there for us, although writing this play has taught me that sometimes you have to look for it!


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31 thoughts on “Dynwens Last Symphony – the past is cast

    • Thank you for this lovely comment! Fingers crossed we will break every leg.

      I love your ‘I’m listening’ post. Such an interesting dilemma to solve.

      I had forgotten about Burns Day!! Blimey.


    • Fingers crossed. I have been dosing up on your awesome images today from your blog (particularly the ‘Reflection’ image). What a super start to Sunday.

      Thank you for this lovely message.


    • Wishing you a happy St Dynwen’s Day Linda! I just had the best time reading your post about MoMA! I had never been but now I feel I have enjoyed the beauty of the art from your awesome photos. The sculpture garden looks such a special place to be.

      Here’s to lots of happy inspiring moments.


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  2. I SO wish I could hop a plane and experience this on February 5th!

    But at least I can enjoy the love that surrounds me, making the dreary cloud-covered January 25th here very bright and warm!


  3. It is always a pleasure and so brilliant to hear from you Cindi! I am also thrilled to have discovered you post some of your jaw dropping images on twitter too. They reflect out infinity in such a magical way .

    Thank you so much for these lovely words of encouragement. I shall pass them on to our cast too.

    I am still feeling chilled after diving into the blues of your photographs describing the beauty of serenity. What a capture.

    Here’s to the warmth of the heart! (it’s been frosty here for weeks!!)


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