Joyful linger over Versatile Award


It’s so beautiful to be encouraged and cheered on. I feel lucky.   Getting an award is a moment to treasure and linger over and a bit like eating a choc-ice alone.

This award resonates for every blogger here as each writer is versatile to stay rooted in social media which moves so fast.

The blogs I have received nominations for are each uniquely inspirational.  Their sites are places I could linger over

There is an unbounded pastoral calm to the poetry and photography to enjoy over on ‘Medicinalmeadows’.  Experience Haikus that embrace nature and have an uplifting flow that belongs to Janice, a writer with a distinctive voice.

Unload and Unwind’ sounds like a great plan and is the name of this site where book reviews, political comment and humorous asides all swirl together.  I look forward to my visits as I enjoy getting a background review on novels that are new to me.  In the ‘Book Nook’ Jenni is masterful at detailing a work of fiction without giving away the plot. Humour is dry, life-affirming and make for a great visit.

‘Lizard 100’ has single-handedly revamped the way I look at my tiny garden.  I am embracing Spring with tubs of berries that will hopefully provide juicy fruit for Summer.  This blog is all about inspiration and from the best source; personal experience.  The posts follow the progress of everything from allotments to bee keeping and more.

There are so many wonderful blogs here but as part of the process I need to say 7 random things about myself and then pass this along so:

  • I can’t take to lettuce.
  • I am a sucker for the latest face scrub
  • Spring is my favourite season (C’mon Spring where are you?)
  • I love poetic work that also doubles as great drama (Martin Crimp & T. S. Eliot both rock)
  • I admire actors (in a healthy sense)
  • Rococo Art doesn’t work for me.  Don’t know why.
  • I am always surprised how fast time goes and I hesitate to move on but…

Do you pass on a great feeling or do you just linger?


Lingering over a delicious cream tea (thank heavens for WiFi) I offer a nomination to an eclectic range of exciting sites who may wish to run with the Versatile Award experience: just the titles of the stories draw me in and the world created by the characters has me hooked Kenton Lewis writes great fiction for the Jittery Goat.  He creates dramatic worlds for his characters. gives advice on hard hitting mature beauty fixes.  This site always highlights a problem solving product to try. takes the reader on a beautiful journey with each post.  There is drama and celebration in each blog. book reviews and vibrant fiction mix together in this informative blog.  Each post is full of life and vibrancy. shows vivid colours in wide angled photography offers clear cut beauty information

Whatever you are doing today linger (great word!) longer and enjoy!

Find more posts about lingering here

71 thoughts on “Joyful linger over Versatile Award

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  8. Congratulations, dearest Lita I have so come to respect your writing, wish I could do something remotely like that. And thank you for nominating me, the way your comments elevates my humble writing is encouraging indeed.Please do guide me on how to ‘accept’ (have done so from the heart, if that counts;). Keep writing!


    • I enjoy your work so much Gurpreet. Your writing flows so beautifully and effortlessly!

      So if you grab the versatile blogger icon from this post you can insert this into your own new post.

      Choose 7 random facts about yourself you wish to share and type these in for your readers.

      Select your 10 (or a few more) favourite blogs you wish to nominate for the award and add these as well to the post with a description of what is good about them.

      Tell these bloggers you have nominated them for the award and add a link.

      Sorry I should have posted these points on the post! I hope you have fun making the post! I can’t wait to see who you nominate and visiting their blog.

      Happy times. let me know if some of this does not make much sense!! All good wishes Lita


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    • Thank you! Just had a great time reading your beautifully illustrated story. A perfect read for today too! Looking forward to enjoying more of your posts from you super site.


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  12. So those random facts are great! Can’t stand lettuce. Never grow it. Seems silly to waste time on it!
    (Watch out for those scrubs in case the contain microbeads of permanent plastic… )
    A lovely eclectic mix : )


    • Thanks Jenni! This was such fun to do, finding new blogs to check out is so much joy. It’s great how everyone’s blog is 100% unique. WP is full of personality. It’s been a blast to be recognised with this award. Thank you so much! Here’s to lots of happy blogging 😉 hurrah!


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    • This is high praise! I love your blog. Your posts are full of life, truth and humour. I bet you could make a terrific novel full of your work too. You have great style. I will buy if you make a book!

      Have a brilliant week. Thank you for this wonderful comment. So glad to be in touch on the blogosphere. Hurrah! ;-D


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  16. “I am always surprised how fast time goes and I hesitate to move on but…”

    Oh wow. You sum up life quite well there! 🙂 (Congrats on the awards — well deserved!)


    • Thank you Cindi! Time is such a conundrum – to me at least!

      Thank you for you good wishes and beautiful comment.

      I continue to enjoy my visits to your site hugely and have a blast exploring the world through your eyes, perspective and posts! hurrah 🙂


    • Thank you Kathy! i have just had my breath taken away by the stunning transformations you achieve on restoring furniture. So much inspiration in your posts. Hurrah! ;-D




    • Thank you! Had a great time reading your poem about beautiful colours of sunset. Loved the reflections on stained glass window. Looking forward to enjoying more of your posts.


    • Thank you! There are some majestic images of cute pets on your site that are incredibly adorable! I had a great time admiring your posts. Too lovely for words! Looking forward to enjoying more posts.


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  18. well, Lita–what kind of salads do you eat then? Tomatoes? Cukes? Those are good…there’s lots really…gotta say i loves me some lettuce. You put the right amount of good stuff on it–blueberries, albacore, Gorgonzola…a yummy poppy seed dressing–just off the top of the head, and wow! So yummy! And a great way to hydrate your body with your vittles as well as liquids.

    Follow this with cookies, and you really have something!

    Fun and gracious post. I know you are happy these spring days, as am i. Renewal, and all thet…;)


    • Ah yes renewal! I love Spring. Thank you so much Karen for sharing creative thoughts. This is a good call to make lettuce look/taste more engaging and I hadn’t seen it this way! I love gorgonzola and this will make a neat topping/dressing. So lettuce rides again!

      Lovely to hear from you. Your poetry is legend but I have been also reading via your blog the recent hiking trail suggestions for Santa Barbara which sound perfect too for Spring! Lettuce will almost be as rejuvenating as these walks sound! Your travelogues are beautiful.


      • Lotsa
        Lettuce 4

        Let the salads begin!! 🙂 🙂

        You are a cupcake (DOH!) for your open-mindedness. Now i want to come over and make you that salad. If you ever wanted the full recipe, just click over to my recipe blog…:)

        Have a super week, hunny–hope it’s full of smoking guns and surprise third acts…:)


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