Stuck on Conchiglie

One of the houses I lived in did not have a name so we got stuck on Conchiglie.


Pasta and Glue

In this four bedroomed lost and found

there’s people coming ‘round

and we’re drinking gin,

‘coz there’s no food in.

When I open my mouth wide

I can feel my mind slide

as the damp we’ve got

turns my baked beans to rot

and old man rust

is spitting on my crust.

So we chew, relax

and wait to pay tax.

In the kitchen there’s Conchiglie and UHU;

which is OK if Pasta & Glue defines you.




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58 thoughts on “Stuck on Conchiglie

      • You are a beauteous person and extremely talented. Your spectrum of light glows as a soft rainbow after the rain. It has touched all of us on wordpress. A sincere thanks for your time to view my blog!


      • Love your blog Dawna! Shines too. I am fan. I am so happy to be painted as a rainbow! You have made my day as rainbows are one of my most joyful memories. Ahh bliss! Thank you Dawna for such kind words and thanks for sharing your strength and the power of your personality through your engaging blogs. Have a great weekend!


  1. I just looked up the word ‘Conchiglie’ and it all makes sense now. I like the poem… I could just visualize it as I read.


    • Argh no. The house was nearby but just not as interesting to make a good photo out of! A sort of 1950s shared house that was built fast and hadn’t had a lot done since!

      Thank you for your lovely comment and encouragement! I am so thankful for your tips on how to get ahead on the road to fitness. Your joyful motivation rubs off on me. I spent an extra hour doing pilates after reading your recent post! More power to you!


      • Hooray for you!! I’ve never tried pilates, but the wellness center I go to has classes. I tend to be a real dork about following physical directions, so I sort of shy away from classes other than the aqua ones. I’m the girl going left when everyone else is going right!

        We had a big housing boom here in the early 2000s. There are a bunch of homes here that were built way too quickly! When my neighbor tried to take her first bath in the garden tub in her master bath, she found the drain wasn’t attached to a pipe! Her family room ceiling had to be replaced after that watery fiasco! Luckily, my house is one of the little ones, from a different builder, before the boom!


      • Blimey that’s quite a surprise just after your bath! I suppose there is such a shortage of housing generally that I understand their rush to get several built fast. But still, you need plumbing!!

        Pilates has to be the softest option but it’s good choice for me! I think aqua is where it’s at. We don’t have very big pools near here though so it’s hard to do much without bumping into the next gal! I always feel I had a proper workout with aqua though. More power to you!

        Enjoying the brilliant images you pin up with your posts. Always raises a smile! ;-D


      • My poor neighbor went downstairs to relax after her bath and found a flooded family room. Luckily, the builder had to pick up the bill.

        I have to drive 45 minutes to my wellness center as there are no decent indoor pools in my immediate town. This distance definitely breaks the rule about living no more that 15 minutes from your workout spot, but I sort of have no choice but to go there.


      • Worth it when you get there. I am guessing you have better roads too across the pond. Driving in UK anywhere off the motorway (freeway?) involves bags of roundabouts, traffic lights and single lane traffic!

        Happy aqua classes ;-D


      • My husband, who lived in Germany for 8 years and who has been to the UK many times, says that we really do. Luckily, my trip to the wellness center is a straight shot on the interstate.
        I’ve sadly never been to the UK or anywhere in Europe. We’ve been saving to move to the beach and haven’t done any big vacations, but the UK will be our first overseas stop when we do.
        Happy pilates to you! 🙂


  2. Thank you for the added word in my dictionary Lita. I will always remember you whenever I’ll cross path with this pasta. 😀 Great post! I agree with Disappearingwoman, you are indeed a great writer.


    • Zara thank you for this encouragement and kind words. I appreciate your feedback. It was great to learn about the strength of your name in your terrific post. I have a friend with a similar name to yours (Sara) and I always find her strong. Now I know why. I think names are powerful.


  3. p.s. “and old man rust / is spitting on my crust” is my favorite line; the imagery makes me go “ew!” and laugh at the same time. can’t wait for the next one!


    • Thank you. I have to say I can’t be sure what era it is from. It’s an old residence facing a 14th century church. Sometimes buildings have very handy dates on the front of them but not this one! Doesn’t quite match the stunning architecture you capture so beautifully from Kew in that terrific post but it’s not bad for the first day of Spring! Happy weekend.


    • We didn’t back then! For some reason conchiglie was cheap! But now I have a big bag of pasta twists (fusili?!). I love the names.

      Love your beautiful photographs of landscape and travel. Great to see the world via your posts!


      • Yes me too, a lot of Italian food names sound yummy 🙂 . Thank you for your encouraging words. I enjoy your wonderful writings and on various subjects, they’re really original and refreshing!


      • Thanks Lita! I’m glad you feel that. Water is amazing isn’t it, so many forms and our lives depend on it. I really appreciate the water I’ve been drinking, something I can take for granted sometimes.


    • Looking forward to enjoying your post next week Kathy!

      Browsing the photographs of your furnishing designs has me wanting to find some bright new cushions for the sofa. I’m making a small nod to the vivid colours you work with. Otherwise my living room looks a bit overdosed on taupe!! Your colours inspire!

      Thank you for lovely comment 😉 Have a great weekend




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