Viral Spiral

Sarah:         Where’s the apology?

Fred:           God make it stop.

Geoff:          It’s a virus.

Andy:          Anyone fancy a banana sandwich?

Sarah:         Can’t delete these fast enough.

Geoff:          It’s one monumental cock up.

Fred:           Time to switch accounts.

Sarah:         300 emails and counting.

Fred:           Take this extremely seriously.

Andy:          OK anyone want salad cream and plain crisp sandwich?

Sarah:         My personal details have been made public.

Andy:          Not until you replied to the email.   Which you now have.

Fred:           My ebay account is published.

Andy:          You’re set to be a web superstar.

Geoff:          Stop sending emails.

Sarah:         And by sending that you have triggered another raft.

Geoff:          120,000 users have received your mail.

Andy:          Anyone fancy a date?

Geoff:          I’m white haired, 5 foot nothing and ugly.  Any takers?

Sarah:         You sound cute 🙂

Fred:           I have a suzuki wagon I’m trying to flog.

Sarah:         Custom Karaoke CD’s anyone?

Andy:          Heehee this is fun!!!!

Fred:           Compensation must be in order.

Geoff:          No chance.  You haven’t lost money.

Andy:          This fun can’t last my RAM is full.

Fred:           Anyone need a suzuki wagon?

Andy:          I think we should start a group to keep in touch with all the friends we made tonight.

Sarah:         Can any one delete me from this email?

Andy:          What’s everyone doing for Easter?

Sarah:         My friend is looking for sponsors for his charity hamster race.

Fred:           You could do worse than spend it at this pub.


Geoff:          Pictures? That’s what happens when you go viral. Things spiral. It was only a matter of time before someone sent a picture of a knob.

Andy:          You could at least have liked my Facebook page.

Sarah:         I feel exposed to cyber attack.

Geoff           That’s done it.  We’re offline now.

Andy:          One nil.

Fred:           Hello privacy, come and meet the world.



Inspired by the poetic play ‘Fram’ and technology as reflected on here.  Enjoy work by other writers also inspired by poetry  here.


enjoy some more of my poems here 


48 thoughts on “Viral Spiral

    • Thank you so much Maggie! Hopefully I got a few poetic beats covered in the lines too 😀

      Love your recent post about the value of reading so many different authors here on WP. I always look forward to the challenges for this reason! 😀

      Happy days.


      • I have to say, also, that when I see poetry, I usually point, click, and surf away. For some reason, I am not wired for it. But I truly enjoyed this. Thanks for your comments about my post. Nice to see you back.


  1. I’m imagining that this dialogue happens in an open space office, where everyone was on the edge of their seats because they’re having an office-wide lunch and no one would leave unless everyone is ready, but some people keep saying “I need to send this email” or “I just make a quick phone call”, while others are ready by the door and have started a conversation about the Easter weekend.
    You’re always super creative!


    • Hello! I loved the photo you shared on your blog today and your reflections on Occupy. A few UK theatre companies have dramatised some of the events you mention so it was good to read your insights. Thank you so much for engaging with my short drama. I love the details you have added colour to, I’m glad you picked up on the world I was trying build through the piece.

      Wishing you a wonderful Spring holiday, however you are celebrating enjoy!


      • Thanks again for visiting my blog! I can’t wait to read more of your play. Maybe I should also see it live if I ever in the UK again.

        Happy Spring holiday to you too! I hope UK weather is treating you well.


    • Thank you Kathy! Glad you liked it. I had a blast reading your blog about bags! And not just any bags, beautiful embroidered Vietnamese silk purses. Always room for another small bag I say!




  2. Lita,
    I loved it! Fun, fast, and clever (just like a virus). Wrapped up perfectly, “Hello privacy, come and meet the world”. A very creative, humorous and entertaining post, thank you!


    • Pepper
      Your words make my day in two ways today! I just enjoyed your achingly beautiful ‘Hush’. The illustrations you put to your poems are both subtle and powerful. Thanks for pointing us along the way on your flourishing blog and thanks for this empowering encouragement.


      • Lita,
        Thank you for noticing the choice of artwork. I try to select images and artist that I think compliment my words, if not helps to inspire them. Jackson Pollock’s work, I think gives great insight and reflection into his personal struggles, just as the title of the work, “Greyed Rainbow” is so powerful, yet bleak. I am delighted that you see these small details, sadly I think that they may go unnoticed. Again, I must complement you on your writing and writing style, it is always so graceful as well as thought provoking, which I personally love.


    • Hahaha! Your comment has made me giggle too!!! The internet is so err crazy like that!

      At least it wasn’t tea you were drinking, that would waste good Chai!!

      Loved reading your recent post the fox and the sea tortoise. To make something with such personality takes skilful means. They are a credit to you.


    • Refreshing is the nicest compliment! Thank you MissFit. ‘Refreshers’ were my favourite candy!

      Love your tweet about red wine and chocolate working as a team! Enjoyed your post ‘Vegan, no cluckin’ problem!’, full of great recipes. Here’s to healthy times!


      • Thank you so much for your detailed feedback Lita!
        I live how you are able to bring life to situations that have ever only lived in my head. …

        And yes cheers to the merging of healthy and happy!!


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    • Hello! This is so kind of you, what an honour. Your blog is awesome. Your writing is well-crafted and evocative. I enjoy reading your posts. I have been lucky to receive the historic Liebster in the past but I thank you so much for thinking of me and considering my blog.

      Looking forward to my next visit to your blog!


      • Hey! I’m glad that you enjoyed it. You are very popular around here and I admire you a lot! So I think that I am the honored one to have you between my readers. I hope you will get the award again, cause you really deserve it! Hugs!


      • *blushing* Thank you for saying such lovely things!

        Your blog is uber stylish and I hope you feel super proud of having created such a beautiful body of work.

        Here’s to lots of happy blogging. It’s great to be in touch and enjoy the award. Three hearty cheers for your nomination too. It is well deserved.


  4. Hahah. I loved this one.
    You managed to capture the chaos, and yet in the midst of all that has gone terribly wrong, I love how you inserted some wit and a sense of humour into this.
    It also makes me realise just how easy it is to have an unwanted avalanche if one isn’t too careful.


    • Alas so true about the unwanted avalanche. It’s unfortunately based on a true event! Spam huh!

      Just discovered you have a second blog ‘Haven Tales’ full of creative writing so I’m having a grand time checking that out.

      I am grateful for your kind words!


      • Thank you for taking the time to check out Haven Tales.
        Yes, that is my second blog and that’s where all my creative writing goes to (WordPress Weekly Challenges included).

        And yes in regards to spam. These days, the cyber world is a place not for the uninitiated and non-tech-savvy. Too many things trying to get you to click at all the wrong places, causing a lot of problems.


    • I have only just discovered Bunny Slippers blog and I am loving the beautiful photos and the warmth of your writing. Great blog. Congrats to you!! This is so kind of you to consider my blog. I have been lucky to already enjoy the superb Sunshine award so it may make sense to re nominate? In any event you nominating me is so lovely and I thank you. Looking forward to my next visit to Bunny Slippers 😀


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      • yay! im touched….you, too…! i’ve noticed that you’re also fond of theater writing–that you’re a theater writer? and that you’re Welsh/Irish! cool! you see…i love theater plays , classical, and orchestra—the like! you know hahaha…been wanting to complete my mini play…just not good at it…


      • (delete those last 5 words Jenine!!) ;-D You will write the play in your style and it will be perfect. No one can write something everyone likes anyhow. Hope you get it finished and find a few pals to read it out loud for you. Good luck!


      • wow! that’s–that’s something i really must take into great consideration Lita…thank you so much for the big encouragement! your words uplifted my writing spirit! yes, yes, i did try writing a play–but in the middle i just dropped it, literally dropped it…i think it’s best to reconsider writing it again…! thanks lita!


    • Thank you so much Alice! I need to thank you also for the great recipes on your blog. I use a lot of them regularly. Your blog inspires me to try out new ideas in the kitchen. Looking forward to more of your posts. Hearty cheers to you!


  6. Wao !!
    What a Creative Writing,

    I don’t know what to say, My any comment will turn out “mediocre’ In front of your Post.
    So the Good idea is “be Calm and Appreciate” what you have written ….
    Gr 8 …!!


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