New Walls for Old

Along with a fab Warhol exhibition and some High St shops I found my favourite coffee stop near our central bus station was closing this week.  They shared a favourite shortcake recipe –

You need…

  • 125g butter
  • 55g caster sugar
  • 180g plain flour

Making super easy shortbread –




Tara – I been stood here ages what’s happening? You never can tell in this place!

Ellie – It’s a party but you have to bring your own food.

Tara – Someone should take in the shortbread that’s not claimed from your shop.

Ellie – If you buy coffee after two you get a free shortbread.  Better keep it here.

Tara – I knew that I just forgot.  I wonder what this place will become.

Ellie – Probably another High Street Coffee chain.

Tara – They don’t do Cooked breakfast or shortbread fresh from the oven like you.This was the first place I had a made for you sandwich as a student. A kind of replacement mother  then I thought humus on bread was exotic

Ellie – It’s like everything in this town. One minute there the next it’s. Gone.  Don’t know what it will be next.

Tara – It will be a funny place to wait for a bus without a coffee shop.

Ellie – I been told I am going to work outside the Ring Road.

Tara – Is that the nearest coffee shop?

Ellie – No.

Tara –  It’s good there is one nearby then.  No more freshly brewed coffee only one pound thirty here though?

Ellie – Unless you got big power tools to get in a locked door.

Tara – No great food including delicious sandwiches.  We’re all older now.

Ellie – Imagine if I don’t like the new manager.

Tara –  It won’t be that she doesn’t like you it’s just she looks at you and sees what she could have have I’m guessing.

Ellie – You can have too much

Tara –  That only applies when you are hungry. Do you know what I got as a leaving present for you. A magnet so you come back.

Ellie – I went to her leaving party and she got so drunk she started hugging everyone saying how much she missed everybody.

Tara –  Come on.  It’s not too late.  We have shortbread and there’s your party going on in there.  New things grow.

It will be fascinating to see what shoots up in the space next.  I hope it’s something equally memorable and delicious!

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14 thoughts on “New Walls for Old

  1. Sorry to hear your favourite coffee shop is closing this week! Their shortbread sounds delicious, and it was very kind of them to share you the recipe – and for you to share it here 😀 Love the short play about it, and it sounds like the shop and their shortbread holds many memories for some. It reminds me of a cafe outside my old high school – I would buy my caramel lattes and caramel slices from there once or twice a week. My treats for the week. And then when I left the school, it shut down 😀

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    • Oh no ! I feel that ;-( There is such a unique feeling to a local coffee shop. The caramel slices sound perfectt too.

      Thank you for your beautiful comment. The shop is already closed now so I guess I will be drinking less coffee.

      Last night was Eurovision and Australia so very nearly won ! ( Just a few points in it.)

      Wishing you a great Sunday.

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  2. Thanks for sharing the recipe, it sounds easy and I’ve never attempted shortbread before. I like the photo of growing through the cracks, it’s this persistence that keeps us all going.

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    • It’s true – SO true about the persistence. Thank you for this beautiful insight ! I feel that too.

      At school we made shortbread without a mixing bowl (not sure why exactly .. !) so we mixed it with our hands on the kitchen table. Looking back I think I”ll stick with the bowl lol !

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      • Yes, isn’t it? I’ve recently discovered Rumi’s poetry. Since then I just want to share it with everyone. I’m so thrilled to know that you’ve liked it, Lita! Thank you. And I can’t wait to try that recipe!


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