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Old Amber

Through a piece of old Amber where all insect life is preserved. I wondered what those stages of life revealed. Inspired by January and the history of insects inspiration uncurled. I needed some extra light for January and turned to an antique ring for magic. “The worm’s turn.” The click Of midnight sticks The firefly’s […]
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Nosey Parker Poem

I felt inspired by too much time in coffee shops due to the grey skies (the weather has been so random!).   With so much time people watching I penned a small selection of poetry during a 30 day challenge to put smiles on peoples faces (and help us all brave the weird weather!). A […]
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Happy Pancake Poem!

  Flipping light   A long streak of white moon slides drops of silver on to a hairy earth. When a sly street lamp scatter guns neon candy it bounces off unsuspecting geometric symmetric random roof tops. Neglected horizons fall in line for sunrise. Everything too tall to beat to the bird song Is painted orange. […]
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