April Fooled.. Last of the Literary Fest



The last few moments of this years Oxford Literary Festival fooled me.  A few pieces of the past were still strewn about town as I walked through but alas the amazing event has just left town.






Thankfully an exhibition in the Vaults cafe celebrates the buzz of the festival that has recently ended.




I browse a few books of poetry at the nearby book store to catch a sense of the creativity that has hung in the air this week.




Bicycles make a clean get away for the early birds who bagged a great selection of signed books.   A late visitor asks for directions to the Bodleian library and can’t decide if she wants the old or new one.  She is searching a classic and I imagine the journey.




I looked closer for a favourite classic in the library and was quizzed as to which version I wanted.  The film adaptation or the original.  This is the story of finding my favourite classic turned into a block buster


Mr Darcy’s Bootleg

When the hero of my book stares

out from the pages of a classic I know

he wants to find a close friend.

He shares his story of life in London’s East End.


I rewind his you tube and download

Mr Darcy’s debonair code and get direction

from our connection which was strong until he gained

fame and left town leaving

the original version in the lurch.


Right now he’s wrapped

in film and can only be seen

on a flat screen.

So I do a google search.


The girl in front of me in the queue for tickets

to our hero’s latest flick sounds

thick; she wonders if he will hear us scream?


There are hundreds of us, we came

on the same bus and our faces in the cinema stalls appear

small; he doesn’t see

us at all but it is still tough to leave the silver screen.

Cinema makes us believe

he’s here; even though he’s stood

in Hollywood.


We are made to leave by a busy usher

with no time to hunt a souvenir.

More power to my bootleg jeans

where the hidden camera reigns supreme.

I have him on my iphone and finally Mr Darcy and I are alone.





I sit with strong coffee and find my own words that feel ephemeral to me.


Hide the Cookie

The librarian moved

the novel I was reading

and a space shifted

on the bookshelf; the moment felt

empty like an old cookie jar that was replaced

by a plastic box and it was the first time I knew

that change was nothing personal.



Find out more ephemeral images here or below


45 thoughts on “April Fooled.. Last of the Literary Fest

    • Thank you so much for sharing this inspiring insight. It helps me connect back to how I write. You have awesome skills as an editor as the work of others you present on your site is so precise, lean and pure narrative. Your own creativity is present in a beautiful way in your posts and I look forward to reading more.


    • I’m inspired by the quotes you create in your posts and I love the way they relate to the awesome locations your blog takes me. The San Fernando Mission in California you captured feels idyllic. What fabulous greenery. Wishing you a lovely Spring.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for kind words. I am learning so much about our rural traditions from reading up on your blog post archives. In particular I love the Winter Solstice post. Looking forward to enjoying more. Here’s to a super Spring!


    • Wow. I just found the website link that shows your photography portfolio. Thank you for showing me New York today! I love returning to your words and each time they have more depth. Enjoy your Easter holiday.


      • HONESTLY, I just enjoy every word U say.

        I have never up dated my website, nor have I visited it in a long time. I have so much of stuff on this blog I kind of don’t need to go there. I am so so glad you enjoyed it.

        By the way I have just published a book and have it on the apple book store. I really haven’t publicized the book as yet. And you know what, I have translated it in French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.. It is a photo- journal of a 900+ year old stunning temple in India.

        In fact you are the first one to know about this book of mine. So, please give me your good vibes and blessing.

        Happy Easter!!!


      • That’s so exciting. I’m thrilled to hear of your publication! I will find it and download it. Huge congratulations. Your style is unique. Thank you for sharing this achievement. The subject matter sounds important and intriguing. Hearty cheers indeed.


  1. Thanks for the visit and the ping back over CTB. So which did you prefer the Shanghai Silly or Frozen in time?
    Nothing better than a good book. Do you prefer to read it first or watch the movie? I always like to read the book first since it allows your imagination a truly blank slate to create.


    • That is such a GREAT question! I think I like to read the book first but sometimes it just is not practical ;-( I enjoyed my visit to your blog so much. The images in your ‘Fresh’ post have connected me to Spring in such a beautiful way. Magnolia is such an elegant bloom. Here’s to a lovely Spring time.


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    • It’s a beautiful city. I’m sure she is having a terrific time here. I’m looking forward to discovering more from your blog, I think it may have moved since I last visited so will check back soon. Enjoy your weekend.

      Liked by 1 person

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