Perfect Day on the Fringe

My perfect day is performing solo at the Edinburgh Fringe.  It is terrifying before the show starts and this audio tape nails a moment of how it feels for me before any kind of performance, all wobbly and expanding!


The buzz of being in Edinburgh when the sun shines is a blast and these photographs may help explain why.


Come and join me this year for my new walk and talk show ‘Oxford Rogue of the Royal Mile’

For a personal invite sign up here for the audio story trail!






Find more perfect days here and  help make your week a great one!


25 thoughts on “Perfect Day on the Fringe

    • Yes I agree. I have just got home and even though I was there for a few weeks there is so much history in each of the many old churches and museums. I hope to return soon! I miss having Arthur’s Seat staring back at me. Wishing you a good weekend.

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    • Thank you Zee! Glad my pictures got some of the joy across. It’s an awesome festival to be part of. One of over 3000 shows during August!! I loved reading the inspiration in your recent posts. Here’s to a fab weekend x


  1. Part of my back history is in Theatre, Film and TV and I remain in awe of anyone who can step out on stage solo. To me it defines brave. I loved listening to the audio and the pictures bring back a piece of my own defined heaven and remind me that I must be there next year. In the audience. Not as a performer. And certainly not on my own 🙂


  2. Solo theatre is amazing. I went to a performance last night called ‘Catch’ which lasted an hour and yet managed to rivet even a four-year-old. I also edited a play which is appearing Off Broadway this month, so I am suddenly finding a whole new world in that genre..

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