Burning Tires in Urbino

urbino italy


My week at in the Urbino Valley of central Italy came to an end.  There was a thump to the floor and the rhythms felt bold.  They made this sound.


urbino valley



Tiny pebbles dance
like ash smashing
through fire flies hitting
the aimless darkness as the valleys show
partygoers how to echo
their desires
through writhing bouncing rhythms; they plant
dance in the soil and find
deeper intentions that turn
the earth spinning
faster as muck struggles
to hold
the group together for a new morning is delivered.
The farm tractor grinds
through music that moves
a deep seated doubt in love.
The smoke from the hay is heart shaped
and destiny discerns
whether the tires will burn.


Urbino italy


The dirty noise in the air was hard to describe.  I walk further along the path to find out more.  Night fell there was a sound and I wrote what I saw but I want a second opinion as the sound of the rave felt out of season.  So I wrote down the events from a different perspective.


urbino italy

I stood alone in the dark.  The music moved and the shadows shifted.   I wanted to join in but could not find enough soul in the moment to dance. There was a party night in Urbino and it pushed everything this demure valley should be out of the picture.

I walked into the centre of the space of a large makeshift tent.  The room became darker as midnight came and went.  We were a difficult crowd that night and I did not envy the DJ who we knew only by name and the fact he was not allowed to leave the house.

The thump of a distant rave from the other side of the hill circled the valley and still we stood still.  All those who gathered needed to be heard.  We were there for anything the universe could provide and around us stood herbs and distant scents of burning wood that would not quit.

No one left even though the ground was wet and the fireflies played with our minds by showing us the way home when our feet were too tired to move. We were aimless like the music at first. There was no melody and nothing any sane person could cling to came into our heads so we held on to each other. Letting the darkness creep around us helped the world make sense.  We would make new shapes tomorrow, and form a reality we could believe in.  Together we held a collective breath.  We were one as long as the music did not stop.

As we started moving the movements came fast and without control and soon our lungs were emptied but our hearts stood full. We moved no more because something had shifted. The moon was still there and the valley hadn’t opened up but the dark was gone. It was hard to find what had transformed.  Maybe something had been lost.

There was a hunt for one misplaced bracelet and an earring that had meant the world to the owner. Their worlds had changed temporarily. The earring no longer lay claim to reality or held any place in this world.

It was a world I suddenly believed in. I had no choice and it was good to be back in the joyful world of decadence. I begged the DJ for another track hoping there was more. Everything is possible in this Italian valley tonight I thought. He said you’re not just kidding me I said no something moved out there we are your fans tonight but we don’t know what brought us here so we cannot guarantee we will return. No one ever comes back for more he said people always want change they want what is new. That was news to me and I stood with the others on the broken ground with jagged rocks underfoot waiting for dawn. We would see everything clearly in the morning. The change was beautiful.

urbino morning


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urbino morning


23 thoughts on “Burning Tires in Urbino

    • Thank you. It was one of those evenings that was so out of the usual it sort of wrote itself. The valley was so timeless. Hopefully I will return one day soon! I loved the beauty of the Robert Browning quote you mixed with the vivid fiery images. Uplifting.


    • Hi Jo! I have put my feet up after that lovely long walk around Yarmouth we took via your exciting blog. I love the variety of walks you take the reader on. I am missing Italy so much now I am home but thank you for keeping my horizons lifted with your beautiful posts. Happy Summer Solstice week!


    • Thank you so much Linda. It’s lovely to hear from you. I felt so moved by your Father’s Day post and about the generosity and harmony the male members of our family can bring to the mix. Such a celebration. Hope you are enjoying your week. Thank you again for your comment and bringing out something extra to my ideas!


    • I hope I go back there again soon! Thank you- I am so grateful to the elegant photographs you post about the Marche region on your blog. I had to tear myself away from your posts over the weekend. Gorgeous!


  1. the words are beautiful, the pictures are beautiful.. One has seen nothing if they haven’t taken time to see the splendid beauty that nature has so freely bestowed us with… love the post.

    Liked by 1 person

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