Barmouth Tides

Barmouth is a coastal town in Wales. The sands dune down to the sea and a succession of plants through time have colonised the salty land. My first school field trip measured the number of wriggling Nereis worms we found in each of the quadrat metal squares we flung one by one into the air. The force of the wind often meant our counting did not get very far from the shore line however!

We stayed in a hostel that made us Hoover up the rooms before we could leave. It was a small concession for the amazing connections we made with each other within our normally busy school community and with another London Faith school that was sharing the beach project at the same time. I will never forget the love that swam around the breakfast table as we all traded up our packed lunches and laughed all day about nothing in particular. 

Old half forgotten seaside resorts that were once a much longed for destination have drawn me back many years later for walking breaks. I love the way communities rejuvenate and emerge with fresh purpose. 

It was a beautiful metaphor to stand with old and new friends watching the tides flow in. Many years later (now!) the moment inspired a short audio story pasted below. 

It amazes me how the past sticks to my memory and transforms without warning into something new. Here’s to the changing shapes and resilience of the beautiful Barmouth tides ! 
Barmouth Tides episode 1
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30 thoughts on “Barmouth Tides

  1. Beautiful scene by the beach, and wonderful shot. All those memories – those sound like very fun and carefree times way back then. It is always fun trading packed lunches. You always get to try something new. When I was a kid, I would try to trade my plain crackers for some chocolate biscuits or lolly snakes during lunch. Needless to say, not many of my friends wanted to trade their tasty food for something plain, but some of them took pity on me and gave me a lolly every now and then 🙂 Hope you enjoyed these walks by the beach when the weather is still warm over there 🙂

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    • I am so glad I am not the only girl who trading packed lunches !! Lolly snakes sound super cool.

      Lovely to hear from you Mabel. It’s always a treat to catch up with life on your blog.

      Your recent post on hoarding was great timing for me ! Wishing you a lovely weekend.

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    • Thank you for this precious insight. Memories can be like this (alas!) I guess. Some should stay forever I feel! I loved reading your recent post about the joy of working outdoor. It reminded me of field trips outside. Happy weekend !

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    • Thank you Zee. So great to hear from you. It’s a joy to write about a place that beautiful that’s for sure !

      I loved the beauty in your recent post too. I enjoy the magic in your writing. Here’s to a super Halloween my friend.

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  2. Thank you for sharing these beautiful, dreamy shorelines. The coast is such a special place, the brisk air and relaxed feelings are, I am convinced, very healthy. I feel happy just looking at them!

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    • It’s magical how places take you to relaxation. I love the capture of the Ramones mural on your blog. To see that in person would take me to a feeling of freedom. I’m heading out for a walk through the park and feel that we could use some colourful urban art on a Grey old day.


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  4. I enjoyed reading your post. Not only because I’m very sentimental, but also because my husband family goes back to Wales around Monmouth. He was a thief and you could say he won a free trip to Tasmania via Norfolk Island. The Welsh genes have well and truly been mixed in with Irish and English blood since then but I would like to go to Wales and see where they came from.
    xx Rowena

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